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Demystified: Avatar

So if you are Awakened or Enlightened, as the case may be, you have an Avatar.

  1. That Avatar is one of four types: Dynamic, Primordial, Pattern, or Questing.
    This defines a few things.
    What your Avatar wants out of you.
  2. What your Avatar is more likely to be.
  3. How you trigger a Seeking so that you can level up and get more  magic. … Erm, that is. So that you can purchase another level of Arete and thus be able to buy the next level of spheres.

If you play Garou? They roughly but don’t quite align with the triad.


Is growth, change, creation, crafting, wonder, novelty, etc.

  1. They generally want your mage to be curious, to create new things, to be inventive, and to craft.
  2. They are likely to be things that are hungry, curious, inspiring, or cause great change. Like flame, whirlwinds, shadows… Or other such agents of change.
  3. To trigger a Seeking, you have to have a new experience or learn something completely new.

An overbalance of this energy will lean you towards becoming a Maurader.


Is reinforcing structures, beauty in order, stability, organization, etc.

  1. They generally want the mage to somehow organize, catalog, and stabilize the world around them.
  2. They are likely to be things that represent comfort or stability. Parents, angels, castles… sometimes things that build, I’ve seen spiders…
  3. To trigger a Seeking, you have to reinforce an existing structure (not necessarily a physical one).

Overbalance of this energy leans you more towards the Technocracy. Which is … um … not necessarily bad. Erm. If you’re a Technocrat.


Is a destructive force, and also representative of ancient forces. It’s mysteries and cycles and death and rebirth.

  1. They generally want the mage to involve themselves in the life cycle actively in some way. Often these mages with particularly strong avatars will talk of ‘clearing the way for new growth,’ etc.
  2. They are likely to be animals, nature spirits, and pagan deities.
  3. To trigger a Seeking, you have to destroy something and create something new on the ruins.

Overbalance of this energy can risk you becoming a Nephandi.


Is about going on journeys, finding your path, and accomplishing goals. Working towards high-level dreams that require a lot of steps to accomplish. Wandering.

  1. They generally want the mage on the move, very goal focused. And will push the mage to move forward towards their quest goals as a priority.
  2. They often do not take a visible form, and are winds, abstract concepts, ephemeral beings.
  3. To trigger a Seeking, you have to build on previous experience to accomplish something.

There is no risk of overbalance, but there is an urge to wander and a somewhat goal-oriented focus that makes these Avatars difficult to tie down with friends/family.

Putting It All Together

So this pairs with your Avatar Rating. Because your character essentially has two sets of drives.

  • Your Character’s drives and wants.
  • And the Avatar’s drives and wants.

If your Avatar Rating is 1 … You can take the ‘what the avatar wants’ bit and … not listen so much. Clearly you have to listen sometimes or you won’t advance, but you don’t have to consider it in your day-to-day choices.

So if you’re wanting to hang out with this new them-friend you’ve made and you have a Questing Avatar… Normally that Questing Avatar would say absolutely not. Them-friends are not productive. We have to get to Milwaukee by June, and you have to have the prototype of the Spirit Cannon done by then… and you don’t even know Spirit Sphere yet. No them friends.

If you have an Avatar of 1, you can say eh. I can still have a Them-Friend. I really like them.

If you have an Avatar of 3, it’s gonna be a struggle and you might find yourself ditching date night from time to time to practice your spirit sphere even if you’re on track.

If you have an Avatar of 5 … Yeah, no sorry. No time for Them-Friends. I like you. But. Spirit Cannons got priority. Maybe in another life.

A higher Avatar Rating gives you more potential because you have more immediate power, but at the cost of compromising some of your autonomy to the Avatar. It’s a little like the Beast conflict in Vampire, but we don’t all have the same yaaar kill sort of Beast. There’s four flavors of Beast.

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